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Details Energy Sistem - Schutztasche für Energy Phone

Añade un extra de color a tu Energy Phone ColorsCombina la protección con la diversión con esta funda original de Energy Sistem para el Energy Phone Colors. De color verde y con orificios para los botones, la cámara y el altavoz.Esta Energy Case ...

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Details Outsourcing Energy Management: Saving Energy and Carbon Through Partnering

Outsourcing Energy Management Describes energy management outsourcing as a way of addressing the energy challenges facing all organisations, namely high and volatile energy prices, the need to mitigate climate change and supply constraints as oil ...

137,71 EUR*
Details Sustainable Energy Solutions in Agriculture (Sustainable Energy Developments, Band 8)

9781138001183, Sustainable Energy Solutions In Agriculture (Sustainable Energy Developments) by Bundschuh, Jochen & Chen, Guangnan,T&F, Hardcover, 2014

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Details Regional Energy Initiatives: MedReg and the Energy Community

This book focuses on the two intra-regional initiatives created for the development and integration of energy markets: the Energy Community and MedReg. The Energy Community and MedReg, apart from their common strategic role in providing a much-needed ...

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Details Managing Energy from the Top Down: Connecting Industrial Energy Efficiency to Business Performance

Managing Energy from the Top Down Explains the connection between energy and business performance. This book delineates how day-to-day choices relate to the risks and rewards of energy use. It explains how energy is invested, preserved, and ultimately ...

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Details Energy Markets: Federal Financial Interventions, Subsidies & Tax Incentives (Energy Policies, Politics and Prices: Energy Science, Engineering and Technology)

This book provides an analysis of direct federal financial interventions and subsidies in energy markets with a focus on subsidies to electricity production. The majority of energy produced in the United States is derived from fossil fuels. In recent ...

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Details Thermal Energy Storage: Basics, Design, Applications to Power Generation and Heat Supply (Topics in Energy)

Thermal Energy Storage A systematic treatment of thermal energy storage, an important aspect of of energy research and development. The book covers physical and chemical basics, assessment of thermal energy storage plants, as well as design and ...

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Details Energy for the Future: A New Agenda (Energy, Climate and the Environment)

Cutting carbon emissions is urgent, but energy policy is also concerned with security, efficiency and access. In the transition to sustainable energy, developing the necessary fuels, technologies and policies will strain many energy policy orthodoxies ...